Activate Buy Trailing

Activate Buy Trailing

Trigger %: The value of the input is Minus. If the current rate of the coin passed below the trigger % then buys trailing will be activated.

Deviation %: This value keeps a difference between the possible buy rate and the lowest rate after the signal detection. If the rate drops then deviation will follow and if the rate pumps the deviation will stay still until the buy id filled on the last possible buy rate.

Uptrend Trigger %: If the rate is pumping after the detection of coin and the rate crosses above this value of percentage then the coin will be bought buy trailing will not be done in this scenario.

LTU trigger %: (Experimental feature) Lowest to Uptrend trigger works after the buy trailing is triggered and the set deviation percentage is crossed to the lowest.

Ex: If the deviation was set at 5% and the coin has dumped to 6% from the detection price while in buy trailing then the LTU trigger kicks in if the LTU trigger is set to 2% then if the coin rate rises from below -6% to -4% then it will be bought from there. This is to ensure buy-in dip.

Note : No Buy order will be placed during Buy trailing and Buy will only be placed when the deviation or LTU price has been hit.

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