Activate Fall-out

Activate Fall-out

(Experimental feature)

Fall-out Actions occur at an instance so the default values provided are to help you prevent loss in an unfortunate event. You can edit the value according to your need but t is recommended to keep it close to the buy rate below 1% from buy price.

Fall-out ensures that you close the trade with minimum profit if the coin goes upside down before reaching the take profit.

Fall-out Active: If the coin crosses this value from buy price then the fall-out will be activated.
Ex: If the fall-out active is set to 0.4% then if the coin crosses 0.4% and goes above it then the bot will activate the fall-out sell.

Fall-out execute: If the coin falls back to this value before reaching take profit percentage then fall-out sell will be executed.
Ex: If the fall-out execute value is set to 0.38% from buy price then if the coin falls back to 0.38% of below without reaching Take profit then the bot will sell the coin at fall-out sell

Fall-out Sell: This is the value in which the coin will be sold after it falls back without reaching take profit.

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