Advanced Trailing Stop loss :

Advanced Trailing Stop loss :

(Experimental feature)

To activate Advanced Trailing Stop-loss checkbox should be selected. Also, Sync % and Elevate % should be set.
Sync %: If the Take profit has pumped to this value then the Trailing stop loss will be elevated.

Ex: If suppose the take profit was set to 5% and the sync% value is 100%. Then if the coin pumps to 10% which is exactly 100% of 5 That is when trailing stop loss will be elevated and if the 10% goes to 20% which is 100% of 10 then trailing stop loss will be again elevated and so on.
Elevate: This is the value to which the trailing stop-loss will be elevated to on every sync.

Ex: If the trailing stop-loss set to 2% and the value set at elevate is 100% then if the sync confirms that the take profit has risen to the given percentage by the user, like 100% then trailing stop-loss will be elevated to 4 which exactly 100% of 2%. So if the take profit is 5 and it rises to 10 which is 100% of 5% then, elevate rises the trailing stop loss to 4% which is 100% of 2%.

I know its way too much math but try reading it a couple of times you’ll get it. 🤓

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