Global Ranking

Global Ranking

Global ranking is a showcase of telegram channels that are being used by Bluebot users and gaining profits.

Top gained channels are the ones on top and are ranked accordingly. The most profit percentage gained channel will be ranked 1 and so on.

How are we calculating the profits and where is this data being fetched?

Profit percentage data is calculated from BlueBot users, it is of a single user who has gained most from the channel. All the profits data are uploaded to Bluebot cloud to assimilate and rank them later show it on global ranking for others users to imitate it if they want it and gain the similar profits as the person who is the best in gains from the channel.

How is it good for me?

With all the profit data The config file of the same user will also be fetched from him and will be shown in global ranking next to his gain. It is just a matter of a click to copy the config file to your self and start gaining the same as the top gaining user.

Why are some channels marked as private?

Well, there are 2 types of channels in telegram. The one in public and the other is private. Private channels are closed-door channel in which only the admin can allow access to it. Whereas in public it is available to all the world to view and join. Bluebot can only offer links of Public channels which is accessible to us, for private channels you are to be contacted with the admin of the channel for access, in most cases private channels are paid or with a subscription.

What is Simulation ranking and how is it different?

Simulation raking is based on users who run the channel on simulator mode. Know more about Simulation here

Even in Simulation ranking you can copy config of the top user and use it to try and test the config or even run a real trade with actual money on it.

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