Telegram Config 2

Telegram Config 2

Use reply Message is for detecting a quoted message on the telegram channel. The checkbox should be ticked for it to work.

Detect price from signal is used to detect Buy, Sell, Stop-loss prices from the message of the telegram signal provider.

Bluebot signal standards are like if the channels have Buy pice, Sell Targets & Stop-loss price sorted out and prices are mentioned with appropriate decimals. If signals do not meet Bluebot standards then Bot will try to automatically add zero’s and decimals to the prices (Still in BETA)

Uppercase Coins are used to highlight coins in the message just like symbols are used to do so.
Telegram channels provide Coin in uppercase letters usually for the user to easily identify them.

Accept Commands. Commands can be detected from the telegram messages and according to the given command bot can take actions on the specific que or coin. Signal providers can use commands on his messages to Panic Sell specific coins or even change the targeted sell price & stop-loss of a specific coin or que and panic sell all the coins from a channel. Commands can be edited on each action and use it at your own convenience.

Disable Small satoshi Coins. Satoshi coins are small value coins with the least current price. Ex: HOT/BTC 0.00000012. In auto trading Trailing a satoshi coin can lead to unexpected results especially on BTC pair. If you are trading on BTC pair then it is recommended to enable this if you tend to use Trailing on the signals.

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