Telegram Config 3

Telegram Config 3

Execute Count is used to limiting trades opened from a specific channel.
Input is numerical you can input any number and trades will be limited accordingly.

Ex: If you want to limit open trades to 5 from the telegram channel then you will input 5 in the input box and no more than 5 trades will be opened of that telegram channel. If one of the trade closes automatically then the next trade will be taken to full in the 5 trades.

Minimum & Maximum Volume is used to avoid coins with volumes below or above the given throttle. Input is numerical you can input any number and trades will be limited accordingly. Coin volume is measured in BTC.

Ex: If you don’t want to open trade of coins with volume Below 200 BTC and Above 1000 BTC then you will provide it accordingly in the input boxes for the bot to avoid them automatically.

Blocked Coins are used to literally block the coins mentioned in the input box. Coins are separated by a comma.

Ex: If you Don’t want HOT coin to be traded automatically then add it to the input box and it will be ignored from signals

Restrict Buy if 24-hour change is Below or Above is used to restrict coin which has the 24-hour change Below or above specified percentage.

Ex: If ETH/BTC has 24-hour change Below 5% and you have specified to avoid any coins below 5% then ETH will be avoided from the signals given by the telegram providers.

Auto Cancel is used to automatically cancel a trade if it is not filled under a specific time. You can use Hours, Minutes & Seconds to specify the time.

Ex: If you want a trade to be opened in under 5 minutes, you will enter 5 in M. (Minutes) section and leave other sections to “00” if the trade is not filled within 5 minutes then bot will automatically cancel the buy order and delete the que.

Signal Age Limit is used to close a trade in a specific count of time.

Ex: If you want all the trades from a specific telegram channel to be closed in 24 hours then you will input 24 in H. ( Hours) Section and leave other section to “00” And if a signal is active up to 24 hours then bot will automatically close it by selling the quantity and completing the que and profits will be updated to profit report.

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